Natural Dying Results with Walnuts!

First the Festering Dye Pot which is essentially just a pot of soaking walnuts from nearby trees. This has been sitting and festering in the sun for about three weeks. I read that walnut dye needs no mordant because of the tannin in the walnuts acts as the mordant. I am not much for natural dyeing. I don't have the patience to wait for the results once I get into the mind set of wanting to dye. This is essentially the lazy ass method! LMAO!!

Here is a picture of a sample spun up of a batt I blended with Merino and Alpaca. The Festering Dye Pot smells like brewing mead and has a sweet and sour smell. Needless to say I hate getting it on my hands, but squeezing out the liquid is the best method I know of to gauge what the yarn will look like dried.

And here are the results after only 24 hours of sitting in the Festering Dye Pot WITH NO HEAT. I wonder how much yarn I can plop into this Festering pot before the dye exhausts? We'll find out. I am gonna test this sample to see if the dye washes out. I just love the bronze coloring! The odor of the Festering Dye Pot did not linger in the yarn after it was dried so that was a pleasant surprise.

Until next time...

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  1. I don't have much interest in natural dyes, simply because most of them are warm colors. I like me some cool colors. The only one that qualifies is indigo.

    Anyway, I have dyed a little bit with Wilton's icing dyes, because I don't have much space and want to be able to use the same utensils for cooking. I dye in my crockpot.

    But your You Tube videos on dyeing made me want to run out and get some acid dyes and new pots.

    Anyway, I love your videos. You are totally awesome!


  2. i love the color you got! this is a really lovely orange-y copper. YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM


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