Worsted Sock Pattern

Per the request of a reader, here is the pattern that was made up and given to me by Jamie Talbert for knitting socks with worsted weight yarn. I like worsted socks because the knit it up much quicker, are thicker, and therefor perfect for the middle of winter.

Essentially the only thing different is the size of needles and the number of stitches. The bigger the yarn, the less stitches you need.

I use US size 6 circular needles and knit in the magic loop method, toe-up, with an after thought heel. IMHO the socks go much quicker this way. I am not a fan of two circulars for one sock as the needles get in the way and create much to much clutter for one sock. I tried two socks on two circulars once...made it 2 inches into the cuff and threw it out the window. It was maddening! Two socks on one large circular is hard, but not as maddening as the two on two.

Cast on 44 st with worsted wieght yarn and knit as you usually would. Try the sock on often as worsted knits up much quicker then regular sock yarn.

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