First Poly emerges and first sock of the season!

Oh lookie here! The first of my poly's have emerged! Soon I will have two dozen polu moths flopping about! This one is smaller than I expected a male to be and he does not fly very well. Just kinda flops about. Weird.

And I got myself an inkling to do some socks so I started knitting the first of the three pair that I need for this winter in some yarn I have had stashed away since last fall. It is worsted weight, knit on size 6 circulars. I do the after-thought heel so that is why the gusset looks funky.

I have yet to get a response from the person I am supposed to send a fiber goodie package too. Why does this always happen? I sign up with good intentions and I am always welcomed with disappointment on the receiving end. I suppose if I do not hear from this person in a couple of weeks, all I will send is some fiber and nothing extra to fulfill MY obligation in the swap. I can't send anything extra to someone I cannot communicate with and to get to know their likes and dislikes. I hate to disappoint someone but there has not been any activity on this persons blog in months, and I have emailed twice. I await the fiber frenzy moderators comments about my inquiry of whether or not to send anything. I changed my mind, I have plenty of information from the initial email I got. It really sucks that I cannot seem to connect to the person getting my stuff. *pout* Why I continue to try these swaps...is beyond me!

Until next time...

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  1. I love that pattern. I am trying to knit socks with regular sock yarn now but I started with worsted. Would you share the pattern? When my girls were little we hatched some Polyphemus moths in a gallon jar. They are so beautiful. My husband brought in a large green Hornworm the other day. It is a Wild Cherry Sphynx Moth Awesome. I have two Rufous Hummers today. Thanks, Bird Girl Goddess of the Plains

  2. Sure thing! I'll put it in the next post. :) Thanks for the positive feedback! It is very much appriciated.


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