Making a Counting Rows Bracelet

Here is how to make a memory wire counting rows bracelet.


Memory Wire

Heavy-Duty Wire cutters (don't use the dainty jewelry wire cutters as they are not hard enough to cut memory wire and you will end up with an uneven edge in your cutters. Ask me how I know this! *face-palm*)

9 pattered beads that are slightly smaller than

10 solid colored beads.

4 size 6 seed beads in coordinating colors to other beads

3 medium decorative beads

Each smaller bead represents a row of knitting. Each larger bead represents 10 rows of knitting. When you are done knitting one row, slide the marker over one small bead. When you reach the 9th bead (9th row) slide the marker back to the beginning of the smaller beads and move one larger bead to the other side of the marker. You are now ready to count row 11 and onward.

Stretch cording that will fit through size 8 seed beads

Size 9 seed beads in coordinating or contrasting color to your larger beads (You will need Approx 12)

One small crimp bead

Crimping pliers

Round Nose jewelry pliers

Flat nose jewelry Pliers

Optional: Big eye needle and regular pliers

  1. Make Two: Round one end of some memory wire, slip over wrist and cut the wire just so it overlaps the loop on the other end. DO NOT ROUND THIS END YET. You need it open to slip the beads onto the wire.
  2. Slide each of these beads in this order onto BOTH wires: #6 seed bead, medium decorative bead, #6 seed bead. Slide all three down to the loops at the end.
  3. String your 9 decorative beads onto one

    wire, then slide the other 10 slightly larger solid colored beads onto the other wire.
  4. Slide each of these beads in this order onto BOTH wires: #6 seed bead, medium decorative bead, #6 seed bead. Slide all three down to the other beads.
  5. Create a loop on the straight ends of the memory wires.
  6. String 10 #8 seed beads, one medium decorative bead, and one crimp bead onto some stretchy cord. Using a big eye needle helps in this task a great deal. Now re-thread the cord back through the beads from the opposite end, pull tight but not too tight and clip the cord with several inches to spare. Thread the loose end through the crimp bead (each end should be poking out in the opposite direction), pull tight and crimp the crimp bead. Trim ends
  7. Optional, add medium decorative bead with a split ring as pictured below (I actually thought of this after I had the ring of beads already made...HA!). The decorative beads adds some grabbing power to get the ring of beads up and over the bigger beads. Because fingers are chunky and dry, I found grabbing at just the ring a bit cumbersome. The decorative beads makes it much easier to grasp.
  8. Sit back and marvel at your craftiness!!

Until next time...

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  1. I love the bracelets. Going to have to give that a try. Your spinning is awesome!!!!!

  2. Thanks and thanks again! I appriciate your positive feedback!


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