Lovin the Fall weather!

I was outside plying the singles for this wonderful natural color Border Leicester lace yarn for the Secret of the Stole KAL Sunday. The KAL starts Friday with the first clue being released. It took me a full two weeks to spin a bobbin almost full with singles and I only got 550 yards when plied together...that is HALF of what I need! EEP! *faint*
I am not spinning this again until I need it. WHEW! I have other projects to spin for along with some roving for a friend.

I am finally getting around to carding up some more alpaca/merino yarn for the Kimono wrap while at the same time dyeing more targhee for the Mystery shawl as I have run out of several colors.

The yarn shop gave me another shawl to knit. My feelings are mixed about it, but I have to knit something for the shop if I am gonna work there I suppose. I also want to make some thrummed slippers for Mum out of some blue, turquoise, and black Karaoke yarn with merino thrums. I haven't decided what color yet to use. Maybe green for contrast. Those shouldn't take me too long. Then I can send them along with her Bday socks and card this weekend.

The Pipers in the Prairie is this Saturday evening. I hope I have enough to pay the couple charge of $125. I've missed it so many times and I really have this urge to start doing things instead of putting it off till "maybe next time" which I have had to do so often in the past couple of years. I wonder if this is forewarning of a major illness?? Fingers crossed knock on wood nothing drastic happens. I will be turning 30 next year....and I know Saturn is far from done with me. This is just a little hiatus from the chaos for now, I believe. Nice that Saturn gives me brake in-between crisises aye? Is that a word, crisises?

Until next time...

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