First Snows of the Season

Already? They said we were gonna get a few flurries, but it's a blizzard out here!! The wind is seriously whipping and it is really snowing!  Last year we didn't have any snowfall until January!
I finished watching the 3rd Season of Stargate Atlantis and I found out that they killed Dr. Beckett! WHY! OH WHY!! *whimper* Why did they have to kill the charming, cute, Irish man?! *pout*
In other news...
We have had to replace the rear oxy sensor on the truck. Make a little extra money and something pops up to suck it away! Grrrrrrrr. The BF is outside, right now, in the flash blizzard, retapping the rusted screws for the oxy sensor. Poor guy. I will have a frozen meat stick for a BF instead of the warm fuzzy bear I love!!
On top of that there are early-outs two days this week and I will lose two of my daily routes each day. That is over $50 sucked from my paycheck....not to mention the two days off we had last week which is over $150!! OOOOh this next paycheck is gonna suck big time!
Think positive!!
Thankfully the drumcarder will be paid off. I don't think I will layaway anymore spinning equipment for awhile. The puter needs a new ram chip anyhoo and I would like to be able to get a 1 Giger. Oh yeah, and I have a highspeed flyer and fatcore bobbin on order to pay for as well.
The BF's Dad is considering taking us out to the local casino, HoChunk (or as we say "KerPlunk" because your money goes kerplunk into their pockets and not yours), for Thanksgiving. I am wondering if they really wanna do that because it will cost them a fortune for 4 people at a casino!!
I am progressing on the Secret of the Stole. I am so behind. I am on clue 3 while most everyone else is on clue 5...clue 6 this Friday. I don't remember if there are 5 or more clues to this thing. I love the yarn I spun for it. I may have to spin more later on, but for now I have plenty.
Mom said she should be able to come up sometime in December. I am so looking forward to seeing her, although she can get annoying when she is around all the time. We get along fine over the phone, it's just when we are together for long amounts of time is when there are issues! LOL I haven't seen her in four years so I can bear whatever annoyances she brings with her to see her again.
Until next time...

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