Okay...I'm addicted...big time...

I finished my first second tatted piece in two days time.

It is actually supposed to be a six petal flower but ended up being five because I misunderstood that the "very large picot" really did mean VERY LARGE. I could only fit five petals in, but hey! It looks swell none-the-less! I love it! I think it would look great on a barrette.

I have been browsing the variety of tatting shuttles out there and my-OH-my how tempting it is! I've purchased two sets of Buffalo bone shuttles hand made by craftsmen in India. The seller says "These are not mass produced. They are each made individually by craftsmen in India. The buffalo are domestically raised and the skin and meat are also consumed." Yeah! Way to support the small farmer aye?

I am currently working on a snowflake from the book Easy Tatting:

It is a bit of a challenge with all the turns it has. I have found when I am working the self-closing rings that I run out of threat. I have a hard time drawing more through the stitches because the thread has an iridescent strand that likes to get caught on everything. So, to solve this small issue, I take a lot of thread of the shuttle so that I have more than enough thread to finish the ring. I wrap the extra thread around my pinky like I do when making a chain.

My co-worker took me to one of the local thrift stores and I found some green crochet thread (I wanna make clovers for St. Patties day) and a "Clark's Big Ball" of #20 purple & white variegated thread. This will make pretty hearts for earrings! I also found a pretty & small sewing box to keep my extra shuttles and tatting supplies in.

While I was out today, I stopped by the bead shop on the east side and picked up some coin shell beads to make a pair of earrings. I have been planning on making these with coin pearls but I cannot seem to find them anywhere at the moment and the bead shop down the street (Bonjour Beads) is closed till February. The owner is taking a "hiatus" from running the shop. Always when I want beads for a project I tell yeah! LOL So I will have to wait till she reopens for those and I hope she has them still. The other bead shop that I would have gone to closed last summer. The rock shop might have them but they charge too much. My other option is purchasing online, but that can get expensive too!

Then I took the 40% Internet coupon for Hobby Lobby and bought a Carnivorous plant growing kit. The bowl of dirt with seeds sprinkled on top has to sit in the fridge for six weeks, and then germination could take upwards of 4 weeks. They should start growing just in time for spring!!

I had a lady on Ravelry beg me to do a basic spinning tutorial video so I will be working on that this weekend. I had planned on going to an intensive this weekend, but I did not get paid from both jobs because of winter break so I do not have the money to spare for this one this time. I have plenty to keep me busy here anyways!!

Karate has been kicking my butt. Trying to get back into the habit of going twice a week (three times a week for the next 4 weeks however to make up for 4 missed classes). Mr. Shaub has worked us hard! Yesterday we did crunches, push-ups, sit-ups, lunches, jumps....OOOOooo do I hurt!! I didn't sleep well because every toss I made I was in pain. WHEW!!

Well that about sums up the last week. Back to tatting!

Until next time...

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  1. I received a request to add you to the 25 Motif Challenge, but I need a name to go with the blog. To protect privacy the challenge blog only uses first names. As soon as I have your name I can add you to the regular roundup. My email address is sharon at gagechek dot com and welcome to the fun world of tatting.

  2. Oh, I love the 'five petal' flower! :) And that thread is beautiful... what size, color and brand? :) Will be watching for your completed snowflake!!!

  3. Pretty sure it is DMC although I tossed the label already. I found it at Hobby Lobby on clearance. It is a larger thread and is apart of DMC's new line of variegated mercerized cotton.


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