Tatted Goddess

Tatted Goddess
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I got the Tatting Bug! I finally figured out the knot-flop and I went to town doing different things and techniques. As I progress I began to see a Goddess being born! Tatting Goddess? It is about 2 inches long and about an inch wide, perfect as a charm but how would I protect it? Any ideas?

I had thought about encasing it in some polymer casting...but I dunno about that. What do you think?

Until next time...


  1. Definitely starch it a bit!

    How easy was this? I've been wondering about tatting, myself!

  2. Pretty darned easy once I got the knot-flop down. I found that by pullin ghard on the shuttle thread while at the same time loosening the tension on the ball thread, the flop happened. It takes some practice with 2 different colors of larger thread (I used Sugar n cream cotton), but once you get the the flop, and practice a bit to gain the muscle memory, it's simple as pie. It's just micro-macrame' in the end.

  3. oh , well ..you KNOW I like it!
    :-) Gina


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