Here are some photos of the new bird in the house. She is loverly with a sweet disposition. She's not much of a talker right now...she'll let off a peep here and there. She looks so much like Merlin with her crest up. I took a shot of her in front of Merlins Shrine. Wow. She is just a wee bit lighter. I'm thinking of another name for her...Eclipsia. How does that sound? LOL

An update on the shroom growins. The first photo is the bottom of the water plant basket with my small starter batch of elm oysters. The white is the mushroom mycelium.

The box with just newspaper strips is also starting to grow like crazy. I sprayed down the sides with water to encourage mycelium growth on the box. They were cutting some trees down in my nieghborhood and I was able to swipe a large piece of maple to grow Shiitake on....when the plugs arrive. I ordered them before the holiday and the darned place is closed till this friday. Although they said that orders and shipments would not be halted....I think they took a holiday too! My last package from them didn't take this long to arrive. So the log is sitting in the barrel of rain water to rehydrate. Maybe I can find some cheese wax around town to seal the edges with...or maybe my package will come soon. One can only hope.

I kept wishing, hoping, and asking to find some fresh cut hardwood....another wish granted!

As for spinning and knitting...I'm not much into it anymore. Right now it just bores me to tears. I'm more interested in mushrooms....adn playing World of Warcraft. LOL

Until next time...

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  1. Anonymous10:41 PM

    I'm glad you got a little feathered friend again. I can't live without a bird in my house either. I have had a Red Lord Amazon parrot since 1980 (got her when she was 3 minths old)her name is "Carrie"--nothing fancy.

    I enjoy your YouTube videos and have learned a bunch. You crack me up :)

  2. Yay for new birds! She's a beauty.


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