Mieka: Beloved friend

I was browsing through some name books at the library the other day and found an Italian name that means "beloved friend". That name was Mieka. I don't remember how it was spelled exactly and when I went back to check the spelling, I could not find it again. Anyhow, this is her name, Mieka (pronounced me-KA).

As for my health, my biopsy came back negative for cancer. YAY! SO now we are going to try some hormone therapy as well as some therapy for elevated glucose. Doc says it sounds like I am doing all the right things, but each time I go in, I have gained another pound or two. I've been biking an average of 10 miles a day but I still GAIN weight. How ridiculous is that?

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  1. I just found your Youtube vids on dyeing and cadring wool. Very informative! Thanks for sharing, I'm going to start dyeing and carding (when funds allow!).

    This is a hilarious Youtube short of carding. I found it first, it made me laugh since I'm sure this is a carding 'don't'


  2. OMG yeah, that is a perfect demonstration on how to RUIN your carder! LMAO!

  3. I like Meika better than Eclipsia. She looks like a Meika, too. :-)

    By the way, muscle weighs more than fat, and biking builds lots of leg muscle, so that could be it. Go by how your clothes fit and how you look, not by how much you weigh.

    Yay for negative biopsies!

  4. Yeah Eclipsia wasn't rolling off the tongue very well..LOL! It was a mouth full. :)


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