A Toad, a Burning Man, and Youtube

Mr. Tree chilling on the repti-falls
I wanted to share this. It was so funny. So I have this tree frog (first photo) that I captured some years ago that is native to the area I live in. Well, he's apart of the family and I enjoy watching him. I've improved his living area through the years as he has grown. I normally raise silkworms to feed him but I am between batches and he is looking hungry. So a piece of meat into a quart jar with a plastic "funnel" to lead them in but trap them. So far I've trapped a slug (!!) and four flies that have expired before I could get to the jar to transfer them to Mr. Tree's habitat. I'm sure they have laid eggs, which I will transfer to a smaller, shallower container that will be placed into his habitat to hatch out in it. Make him work for it a little, yea know, for stimuli and exercise. Silkworms just kind of sit there, waving around. He pounces, and done. I think flied would be a nice change of pace for him.

"Toad-ally Trapped"
Anyhow, check out the toad that somehow made it's way into the top of a quart jar fly-trap! Yeap. We are not lacking in toads at my place.

And check this out!! Google animates multiple photographs into an animated gif, automatically! I love taking photos of fire to see what I can find in the stills. I might take photos of them more often just so I can share the fire with you!

In other news, I found the Youtube Remote App that actually works with my smart DVD player!!! I am so STOKED! You have no idea. The player is super slow when navigating anything other than netflix. So I am catching up on episodes of Good Mythical Morning by Rett and Link. I think they are so funny. If you were unaware, I do not subscribe to any TV services. I have been without for over a year now, and at times I miss it, and other times not so much. It costs too much IMHO. I can stream a lot of things from the internet now-a-days. I have a Smart TV on this years wish list. Then I can get rid of this HUGE tube TV and forgo having to stream through the sloooooow DVD player. It is Blu-Ray compatible though, which is good and thankfully backwards compatible (reg DVD) as well.

Over the last week my Moonflower vine flowered!!! Every year I plant a couple vines and hope, wish and dream to see it flower. Normally they get around to blooming right around the time of the first fall frosts. Well, this year I noticed that the growing tip of the vine got stuck in the eavestrough and that's when I noticed buds developing along with side vine shoots. Well then! So the secret to getting blooms may be to snip the growing tip! I shall try it next year. This flower is HUGE! The size of my hands...or a small saucer plate!

Burning man is here! And while I will probably never attend, they are live streaming!

The Man Burns Saturday, Aug 31 9PM PDT, 11 CST

The Temple Burn is Sunday, Sept 1 8PM PDT, 10 CST

My morning coffee breaks have been quite pleasant during this heat wave. Sitting outside in the cooler morning air while the neighbors have either already left or have yet to get up. It's a nice time to just sit and listen, or watch, nature. The other morning I heard a toad chirping! And in between that, it was quite amusing to watch the Bumblebees pollinate the sunflowers. The day just seems lighter when I've taken time to just, be, with my coffee.

Stick a pin in it!

Until next time...

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  1. Would you share how you got the fire, as well as how to upload it to your blog? Very impressive.

    Your toad is wonderful, though you are braver about inviting critters in than I would be.

    I used to grow Moonflowers when I lived in MN many decades ago. I planted an entire garden of white flowers. They are thrilling to see, so congrats on getting such a beautiful bloom. Its stunning to tell the truth.

    What kinds of coffee do you like to make at home? Flavored, decaf?

  2. Hey Bellezza!

    The fire pic is automatically animated when multiple quick shot photos are uploaded to google. It's a neat thing google does for free!

    I make jut normal Colombian coffee on the stove top in a saucepan. It has so much more flavor and aroma when made that way.

  3. OH! And I have to mention that I have tried Civet coffee and it is AWESOME!!! It's a shame it costs so damned much. Everyone got together and bought a 1/4 pound of it for me for my birthday earlier this year. :)


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