Who said weekends were for resting?!!

Corn and Pumpkins from the garden plot
Wow, have I been a busy bee this weekend. Gosh, where to start. Let's start with Friday.
After coming home from work, I promply biked over to the grocery, returned home to drop off the goods then headed to the garden plot. I was greeted with quite the sight! I have pumpkins!! Sugar pumpkins!! This is the first in many years that I have had success with pumpkins. And corn! I planted some Painted Mountain Flour Corn and I am harvesting away at those as well. I still have some to pick because I ran out of room on my bike to carry my booty home. I ended up having to walk the bike because I was so afriad the back tire would not hold up to all the extra weight. I weigh 240 , those pumpkins all together had to have weighed over 50 because I could barely lift the back of the bike to turn it around!
Corn drying in the now empty greenhouse
So I bring that all home and deal with where to store them until I can get to the process of perserving.
The corn went outside on Saturday since we have a heat wave rolling through, complete with heat index warnings that kept me indoors with the AC on most of the time. I do enjoy going outside to drink my coffee in the mornings before the heat starts. Thankfully the nights are cool. I didn't get much done Saturday because my back is in sore need of adjusting so I ache very easily. There's just no money for it right now. I am hoping to get in next week if rent is covered. If not, I will have to endure through till mid September. Thankfully it is not keeping me from sleeping.

Progress on the applique on the wall quilt. Starting the sewing on that today.

I was a processing fool today. I made some macerated strawberries Saturday evening along with some macerated tomatoes for this preserving recipe. I am drowning in maters!! I think, maybe, I just went a little overboard in planting them this year. Twelve plants in two plots. YIKES!! Those sat out overnight. I had too much of the strawberries to fit into my jam jar so it sat out most of the day. When I came back to it after pressure canning the tomato conserve, it had begun fermenting! So, I decided to put that into a jar with an airlock. Impromptu strawberry liqueur! After that I got some sourdough starter going, and made something found in the book Wild Fermentation called Gv-no-he-nv, a Cherokee fermented corn beverage (left of strawberry jar). Next to that jar are two jars of home-made laundry soap in the works. I chose the no cook method so I could get to it when I could. On the far left is my one gallon lacto-fermenting jar, AKA Fermented Veggie Master / Perfect Pickler (I made this one, and the other one, for half the cost of those I have linked to) with no cukes in it yet because they are still soaking in a cold bath. This batch is gonna be SWEET dill pickles. And then of course behind it all is my bounty from the garden(s).

Whew! I think it's about time to relax with some DS:9 and some hand applique to sew. Yeap. I am hoping to go swimming tomorrow but I won't be holding my breath (HA!). Sometimes things don't always go as planned.

Stick a pin in it!

Until next time...

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  1. You have been busy! I am very impressed with your pumpkins! They can grow themselves some years and this looks like a bumper crop. Also that bike riding has to be good for your well-being. You are leading a sweet life these days. Also, I love how the wall hanging is coming along. More pictures! Love em!


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