Cutting Day & Corn Fest!

Today is a cutting day. I want to cut the material needed for this oh-so-cute Halloween wall quilt from allpeoplequilt.com:

I find a lot of nice, free patterns from this website. 

The last wall hanging I did from there was the Avian Table Topper, done my way:

Second and final try, came out wonderful!

That was my first time working with flying geese blocks and it took forever to do, and many redoing, before getting it somewhat right. It was made mostly from stash as well. The only fabric that I bought was the cream around the geese blocks since the last fabric I used with them didn't work out so well. There are still a  few blocks where the top tips are not to a perfect point, but perfect is over-rated. I ended up doing this twice because the prints I had chosen for the geese blocks were just too busy and things where not aligning right and the sizes where off. I came to find out that I was actually sewing a 1/2 inch seam allowance rather than a 1/4. Once that was fixed, things started aligning better. It took quite a long while to finish this one, about three months worth between working and sleeping. HA! Who needs sleep? I do!!
First try with the busy fabric

And also gonna get cutting on the blocks to exchange for September and October. Can't show those yet. Don't want to ruin the surprise. 

This afternoon I go to a Corn Festival, the first one I've been to, with a friend. Corn is cheap and it's fun to hang out.

My back needs adjusting but there is no money for that until next month. I get a pulling sensation in my chest and I get tension headaches down the back side of my head when things start to get out of whack. I haven't been to the Chiropractor all summer, so that's a pretty damned good run for the last adjustment.

Stick a pin in it!

Until next time...

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  1. I love the new colors for your blog...very fall, very Pumpkin Patch. I can hardly wait to see your new wall hanging and am impressed with your Flying Geese. I have fabric set aside for a quilt of them but have yet to find nerve to start it. I had being halted with projects so want to know if I can do them first.

  2. Yea I actually didn't get to doing any cutting that day. Friends keep me busy some days. LOL!

  3. And thank you! I love the new background templates Blogger has added. A lot better than it used to be.


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