Repurposing second hand material goods for quilting

What is this? This, is a pile of clothes (all 100% cotton) from the local second hand store called Dig and Save. See my feet? Size comparison tool there. It's one of my favorite places to shop - but you have to have several hours to shop here because you literally have to dig through HUGE bins of clothes. Clothes are normally $1 a pound but on Wednesdays they are $.50. Quite the deal!!! This is the last place these clothes see before they are thrown away for good.  Ironically enough, most of the clothes are in really good condition and are simply donated items that did not sell in their other retail shops. A lot of the items I grabbed to scrap had tags on them for $6 or more each! I should have taken photo's of the place but didn't think of it. It was super crowded for the Wednesday half off deal.

I dug for about two hours, found some T-shirts, a couple nice robes, a pretty turquoise jacket, and an orange fleece vest for myself along with this lovely pile of goodness to repurpose.  The entire pile cost me around $11 including the bits I bought for actually wearing.

This is how to get lots of cheap fabric and recycle at the same time. Look for 100% cotton or mostly cotton items if you plan to try this for yourself. There is some fleece in there somewhere as well, as well as some denim. I've been making fleece hats for Winter time gifts. I look for fleece items that are not overly pilly or ratty looking. Sometimes that's hard to find. Joanns usually has a crap load of remnant fleece peices for half price that are more than big enough to make a hat from, so I am not strapped for fleece but it's fun finding some anyways!

Scrap photos forthcoming!!

So many projects, so little time.

Stick a pin in it!

Until next time...

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