I love this time of year!

I love this time of year.
The temps start to get just a wee bit cooler.
Some of the trees start loosing leaves early (box woods and locust around my area).
Garden harvests are in full swing.
Sweet Corn is readily available.
Melons and squash start becoming ready for harvesting.
And the damned skeeters start dying off. HURRAH!!!

 My Four-o-clocks are going to seed so I check it everyday for more seeds to collect for next years garden, and to give away cause I am not ever gonna plant them all. I love this color of flower. My Geranium is also this color.

I bought a new set of patio lights, solar powered LED rope. I'll post how that looks later.
Spooky Pumpkins Wall Quilt, progress

And here is my version of the Spooky Pumpkins wall quilt. The background fabric was gifted to me, the corner squares are from fabric acquired at a garage sale (I have TONS of that one, 8 yards, at least), and the cute witches on brooms was recently acquired at Joanns. I've got all the pumpkin pieces cut and I am ready to hand sew them on. Wewt!
I added the corner panels because the pattern asks you to cut three, not two, width-wise border pieces, then sew them together to make the top and bottom border long enough for the 47.5" long panel. Okay, well, IMHO that wouldn't look all that great to have a new seam that breaks up the pattern on one or both sides. So instead I added some corners. Might as well if I am gonna have a seam there anyways.
I really wanted the wording on the background panel at the top, but I just didn't have enough fabric to do that. So I am gonna try to position the applique pieces in such a way so at least one repeat shows through - even if I have to reduce the number of pumpkins or squish them in together.

Last night was Divination night, and as usual, I always feel like I am the odd one out. Not sure if I will continue to occupy space for this event. I'm not all that confident with the Tarot and that's what everyone wants to play with. So I did read a book to pass the time (since I could not leave on my own because I have to catch a ride with someone else since I still don't have a car) called House Magic by Ariana. I got a lot of great ideas from that book on cleaning my living space and working with Fung Shui. Ironically enough, without even knowing it, most of my living room is organized pretty well with simple Fung Shui rules. My front door faces the north as well. I just need to work on the corner for love and relationships...as it's a cluttered mess and darkened from the cubicals. I have several water fountains, one I will place at the entry way as there is a ledge to put it on. Maybe hang up some pretty blue sheer fabric there as well to block the view into the cluttered corner from the doorway. I also want to hang some chi coins on the inside door handle and some bells on the outside handle. I have some, somewhere...

Last but not least, I really need to put some milk out for the Fae, as things are disappearing on me again. Grrrrrrr.

Stick a pin in it!

Until next time...

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  1. I love this time of year as well, though summer is far from done here with all this heat. I enjoyed your post this morning and appreciate all the thoughts you shared.


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