Presenting....*drum roll please*...the new bookcase!

Well there she is in all her white glamour! I need a couple more shelves, which I ran out of,  then there will be lots and lots of shelf space to store my stash vertically with room at the bottom for clear view tubs for the fleece and larger cuts of fabric. Took about six hours to get together and all touched up with a final layer of paint. There's no other place to put the printer so it has to have a space there to call home. I've been wondering what to do with that wall there. The table that was there, and is now serving as shelving in a closet, was only 32" high so it didn't cover much. This will fill that space with color! I actually have to move everything down just a smidgen because the bird cage doesn't quite fit in the corner. Whoops!!

I did try that Kreg Jig, but I have to say...it made the wood more prone to splitting. That's not cool. So I ended up just driving self tapping screws through the sides like I had originally planned. Took the jig back for a refund. It's a nice idea, but it's designed to be used with their "special" self-tapping screws, at a higher cost than regular self tapping screws, which is bogus IMHO.
More money for shelving. LOL!

Starting to get those scraps separated into color groups. At times it's hard to pick a basket because of multiple prominent colors. Like the one on the lower left there that looks like roses on a trellis. Cream, blue and red...all very prominent and any of which could really pop with coordinating fabrics. I do plan on picking up some comic book backing boards to display the fabric on. Most of my stash is comprised of 1 yard of less with a few really large quantities that a friend gave me. 
The shelves will also house my quilting magazines and books.

Here I did some playing around with the disappearing nine patch. My initial peices were 6" squares with 3" white sashing. This, in my inexperience, made a HUGE block in the end. So I've decided to make place mats from the two halves and maybe put them up for sale on an etsy shop.

I figure for the four day weekend coming up, since I have no family nearby, that I'll work on completing this organizing project, work on the next calendar block, dye that felted wool sweater and get some mittens made out of that. And of course there is the good 'ol stand-by project of tying my first pieced quilt (which I did take off the make-shift frame) while relaxing on the couch listening to a digital book or watching netflix. 

Until next time...
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