First log cabin complete! Now to move in...

HA! If only...

No, my first log cabin quilt! It was the first quilt I first started working on earlier this year (June-ish). The fabrics are what I had on hand at the time. The backing is a really nice sheet from a local second hand store. It's really soft. I love it. I took a nap under it yesterday. So I guess, in a way...I did move in. Teeheehee!!!

Now onto the December Calendar block and some gifts.

Do quilters enjoy quilted gifts?! I mean...it's not like they can't make it themselves....hmmmm....it's the thought that counts, right?

 And wouldn't you know it, I received a couple mug rugs after I posted my dismay about the swap for them.

Heh...Murphy's Law hard at work again. They are both very awesome. She added her business card and I visited her site, and her blog...only to find that the blog has not been updated in over a year and there was nothing in her store which was founded in 2005 (an etsy shop). In my explorations of her blog, I was flabbergasted to see that one of the mugrugs is a re-gift!! It was originally made by a Karen. So Karen, it's a lovely mug rug that I will actually USE.  I'd think I would feel kind of shitty if someone I made a mugrug for regifted it. I suppose once it's swapped, it's no longer mine. No strings attached sort of thing. I'm just all confuddled that this lady I swapped with made all sorts of excuses for being late...and then one of them she sent she didn't even make, and her business she spoke of seems to be....not all that busy. Who knows, maybe she only does custom orders and she is swamped this time of year. I'm trying not to jump to conclusions...but golly gosh...is it hard not to! LOL!!

Well, that is that. I've unsubbed from the group this swap came out of. Hopefully a different quilting community will pop up that I can be apart of and try out swapping there. They are having another mugrug swap but everyone has to make the same pattern. How utterly BORING.

We are expecting a snow storm this weekend, into Monday morning (of course). They say to expect 2-5 and I take that as 6-8 or none at all because that is how it works here. The predictions are rarely accurate anymore. Hello global climate change!

Was anyone able to see the comet that passed close to Earth on the way to slingshot around the Sun?? I never did. You can't really see the horizon for all the trees and cities where I am at. That and we've had more cloudy than clear mornings. Clouds foiled my viewing of yet another celestial event!
It's okay though, I love clouds.

Until next time...
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  1. Yes, this was almost tragic for a swap. I think re-gifting is ok, however to post receiving it from someone ON YOUR BLOG for the world to see, and then not missing a beat, sending it onward to someone else as your own creation is a bit tacky.

    I think you made good choices to look elsewhere for swapping events. And I do agree that it is delightful to receive a piece by another fabric artist. I am always over joyed to receive your monthly Calendar Block.

  2. I'm a quilter who loves to receive quilted gifts...although I've only received one so far. =)

  3. Well, we might have to fix that Zenia! :D


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