December Block arrived and so did mine!

This month's block came with some challenges. Ironically enough, we both changed what we had planned do to for this month. I did do what I planned, but I really didn't like it in the end, so changed it. In life we can rarely change things so easily, so this was nice.

This is what I received. So creative! I love it! It has elements of applique and thread painting. Something Bellezza said she was not ready for. Well, I think she did a fine job!

The one I sent was this complex looking Lone Star pattern. The first pattern I tried was a more modular star and it just wasn't living up to my vision of what it should look like. The skies are more dark this time of year than light, and I wanted to depict that in a snowflake like block. I think it looks like a snowflake! We are getting snow a month early this year. In the last several years snow has not fallen and stuck until after the new year. This winter is already colder than last.

Thought I'd share a photo of the tort, Zarnan, having a fun time eating up a trail of greens. A bonus to my greener diet is that there is more to share with the tort. I usually can't eat it fast enough before it spoils so why not share it with the other vegan of the household. LOL!! The string taped to his back is to help me keep track of where he goes because he has a habit of hiding behind furniture where he can. This way I can just follow the yarn trail. This time of year he will find a corner and sit in it because he gets cold. I'll find him, put him back into his home until he warms up again and is scratching to get out. Oh yes, he is a talented tort. Yesterday he climbed all the way to the TOP of his cage...a vertical climb of a foot-and-a-half, then fell down. OOoooo, ouch!!! That's a long fall!! Thankfully the cage top has a rather large lip on it so I think it is impossible for him to actually get out...at least....I think it is. I've never seen a tortoise climb like this so it might still be possible with him!
Food Runway, go Zar go!

Today I am spending the day making Little Felt Ornaments to give away at the Ugly Sweater Party tonight. I am also going to be working on a quilted candle mat for my Secret Santa recipient who will not be at the party tonight. Her significant other has had a death in his family and so she is going to the funeral to support him. That gives me a little wiggle room in getting her present together I think. I also want to buy some high quality coffee and chocolates for her. Her life in the past year has been anything but pleasant, having to deal with a nasty divorce from a man who turned out to be an alcoholic, habitual liar, had an interest in violent rape porn, and stole her money.  Now he is trying to take get her kids taken away. Thankfully one is grown, but her daughter is still in high school. On top of all this, there is some concern over her new boyfriend. All I know is second hand hear-say, but it doesn't sound like he is any different from the man she is divorcing. I'm hoping once this divorce shit is over and done with, she can concentrate on other things.
Hopfully a bit of luxury will make her feel good, if only while it lasts.

Thanks to another generous donation from Sandra, I was able to buy two more packs of comic book backing boards to continue boarding up the fabric I have for displaying on my hand-made shelves! 

Thank you Sandra!!! YOU ROCK!

Until next time...
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