Monitor on the fritz and D9P fun

Would you like some cheese and crackers...with that wine?
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This is a "candle mat"/small table topper I am putting together for a friend whom was selected as my Secret Santa recipient. She's a wine drinker so I figure she would appreciate the theme. The middle is a disappearing nine patch (D9P) consisting of grape and flower prints. The outside border is what I chose the other fabrics from in order to catch some color of it here and there. The binding is a deep crackle red. I'm kindof wondering if I should have done the middle border with this color. Oh well, it's all put together now. I might fuss with it later if I have the energy to. I'm making another one too, just for fun. Haven't decided if I will put it up on etsy or give it away. Might use it as a giveaway to a contest! OOOOooooOOOOooooo!!!

And my old monitor is on the fritz. It's been on the fritz for a while now but I've just been dealing with it. It takes around five minutes for it to decide to turn all the way on after turning the computer on. The power light will blink orange and green before turning completely on. I've talked with a repair tech and was told some time ago it might just be the transistor in the monitor that needs replaced. So, since it refused to turn completely on today no matter what I did (there have been some tricks to getting it to power on like unplugging either the power cable or the video cable then plugging back in, turning it on and off quickly) but nothing worked this time. It done said "I QUIT! I'm tired and old!!"

On researching a for a new monitor, I see a 23inch Acer on Amazon.com for $109 which is about $50 less than I what I bought the old 17-incher, widescreen for new about five years ago. So I figure I will take it in to be assessed (free estimates) and see if can be fixed and how much it will cost to do so. If it's more than the price of the new one, screw it, new one it is. I'm pretty sure it won't be worth fixing, but I'll take it in anyways just to see. This one, for the price, looks to be a very nice upgrade. I don't need anything fancy like HDMI ports. I can always get adapters for that function if I need it in the future. Just something to keep me happy when I watch movies on the 'puter or do some gaming. Right now I am using a spare that is half the size of the old one, which came with the computer that was gifted to me two years ago. I put it away knowing eventually it might come in handy because the monitor was starting to have some issues even then.

Everything is pretty squished together on it, but it works for now.

Now it's just a question of if I can swing the extra expense for a new monitor with two weeks of unemployment coming up for winter break. I'll be getting SOME unemployment, but it's barely enough to live on.

El-sigh-o. Always something, isn't it? LOL!

Until next time...
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