A heart of smallish stature...

So I finally got started on the Hugs and Kisses block for the blog hop coming up, which by the way my day is on the 14th, and it came out 2.5 inches too small...

And this is paper pieced so you really can't go wrong with this method. 

So I went and printed out a page of the pattern...being sure that "Print actual size" was checked rather than "shrink to fit".

Sure enough, it had been shrunk to fit. 

Well, the good news is...I was only ambitious enough to work on the one block instead of all three. So now I have this really pretty block to make into something. I don't particularly like the way the fletchings on the arrow turned out. Maybe the fabric is too light for that? BTW that part of the pattern was a real BITCH to put together. Just so yea know. HA!

I do love the pink batik that I used for the heart. It was a fat quarter and I probably won't have enough for all three blocks.

In other news, I finished that petti-coat tote this afternoon as well by adding an adjustable shoulder strap. I thought I needed D-rings, but then I found a tutorial (a very, very RUFF pattern there) on making a tie top should strap. So it was basically just two strips sewn together in a tube, turned right side out, then stitched along the edges. 

I had a lot of fun putting it together and the book gift arrived Friday, just in time to add it to the tote. So it can be a tote, or a shoulder bag, or an across the front like a messenger bag. 

My friend over at Every Stitch a Prayer made this lovely pink quilt that I just LOVE-LOVE-LOVE!! She made it for a raffle, and you read about on her blog.

I have just acquired a bunch of pink remnants from Joanns and I SO want to do one now. Apparently everyone is getting ready for the next holiday, and spring, because there have been a lot of vday and spring remnants to snatch up at half-off.
She also made a matching tote...which I also LOVE-LOVE-LOVE!!

Until next time...

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