Okay that sounds like DEER alert, but no, it's a DEAL ALERT!!

Today only over at Missouri Quilt Company they are selling red tinted eye-wear called "Sew Red Glasses" for the eye-popping price of...wait for it....

Holy crap! Thats a little more than half off so get em while they are hot! This sale ends today unfortunately. The red tint makes everything appear in grey tones so it is MUCH easier to gauge lights and darks when arranging quilt pieces. I am not an affiliate, I am not associated with them in an way, shape, or form. I just think this is a deal that deserves a shout out!

I already ordered me a pair because they are $19.99 everywhere else, plus shipping. BTW, they have flat $5 shipping over there and awesome deals daily like this one. They also have a youtube channel which I am a subscriber to and how I found out about this awesomesauce deal!

Until next time...
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