February Blocks are here! Also, woes to my math skillz...

 The Feb calendar blocks are here!!

I forgot to add a border to mine. WHOOPS!

So I will send some border fabric next month.



Her embroidery skills are AWESOME! I love the extra's she added to it

And SON-OF-A-BISCUIT! My calculations were STILL off with this border fiasco. I got a book from the library that will, hopefully, help me understand better what I need to do. 
And according to THAT, I need an even BIGGER border that would accommodate FOUR instead of SIX block repeats. This is not making any sense and I am just about at my wits end. This border project is becoming the bane of my quilting time!

Went out for dinner for a friends bday and one of the friends that showed up also brought her sickly daughter...who sat across from me, coughing and sputtering.


I mean...come on!! Common sense people!!!

NOW, I have the beginnings of something, woke up at 3am with a sore throat, so I am tackling it with herbal teas, ziacam and water. 

For fucks sake, how frustrating!

Well, it's +100 exp on Lotro this weekend so I am gonna go lvl a toon and then try to hit the math....AGAIN. I WILL get this project done. I WILL!!! IF IT KILLZ ME!


Until next time...

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  1. I'm curious...on your blog ...what is the Donate button for?

    1. Hey zenia! Thanks for visiting! I left an answer for you on a separate comment. Mobile blogger fail...blah! Lol!

  2. I have a cache of YouTube tutorial videos that link to my blog. People can donate to say thank you for what I have shown them if they feel I am deserving of it. I think I'm deserving of it. I worked hard on them and spent many long hours editing and uploading. I don't do so many anymore mostly because there is a tutorial for EVERYTHING now-a-days and redundancy is boring. Lol!


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