Is Yellowstone ready to blow?

I've been following the independent news updates about Yellowstone and the state it is currently in. I'm just a tad concerned. Russia published a report about it, yet our own Government has not issued a damn word to the public about it. Not that it would do anyone anyone any good, but what makes them think people won't find out, sooner or later.

So here I am worrying about finding a job.

And now I wonder if I should just enjoy the free time while I have it because if Yellowstone erupts...our world is gonna drastically change. Money will be the last thing on my mind. I'm not sure if I'd want to continue and try to survive, only to suffer and eventually die of thirst or starvation, if this plays out and Yellowstone erupts.

These reports are recent, like THISWEEK recent. They are saying the roads in Yellowstone have turned to soup, yet the website says they are open as usual. Some people are claiming they are looping old footage of the most popular geysers (like Old Faithful) because the grounds have become so active.

I like this channel because he is not all "repent now!" or any other religious BS. I am spiritual, but I don't follow indoctrinated belief systems, and I'll leave it at that. I believe in live and let live. You believe what you want, and I'll do the same and we'll coexist peacefully in the same space. There's no need to prove one way is better than another, and what a waste of time and energy that is anyways. Everything leads to the same place in the end, religion has no weight there.

So I dunno what to think about this...but the evidence thus far suggests something big is on the horizon, and it's gonna happen soon. It'll be Pompeii all over again, except...it'll be in my own country in my own lifetime. I'm a pretty reasonable person, so jumping to over enthusiastic conclusions without a basis of fact first is not something I do. I didn't panic with 2000 hit. I surely didn't worry about 2012 even though my personal life took a huge shitter that year.

The earth needs a redo. The population of uncaring, polluting beings is too large for this planet to support. And if this is the means or the way of population control, so be it.

I shall enjoy the time I have left.

Until next time...
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  1. thanks for the articale

  2. we saw a program about yellowstore a couple of years ago saying they were watching it.

  3. Well that didn't pan out did it? LMAO! I'm officially dubbing that channel the "Alarmist" channel.


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