Another year...

I'm still around, mostly. Between the nearly 30 days of cloudy weather through December to my work scheduled I've rarely had time, nor the energy, do do much else. If you didn't already know, as a follower of this blog, I have S.A.D. I do not have health insurance, nor do I have faith in our health care system, so I deal with it the best way I can using herbals and light therapy. SAD has hit me hard this season. We've had more dark than sunny days and it really takes a toll on my energy and emotional levels. I've also felt extremely lonely and isolated this holiday season. Many thoughts go back to the years when I had someone to share it with, and sometimes I miss it, and then I think about how aweful I was treated and then I don't really miss it as much. You'd think three years into being single I wouldn't be thinking about those times anymore!! *shaking my damned head*

A friend suggested that I should do another ritual of cutting ties because I keep dreaming and thinking of the ex. I see him here and there and have even...almost, said hi and attempted conversation...but then I think of all the HURT he caused me and I turn sour. I don't know how people stay friends with their ex's. I don't think I could do it. Being around them, talking to them, would just drudge up old, painful, memories. BAH! Matters of the heart are strange and alien.

I did get some quilting done over the days off I've had for the holiday season. This one used a pack of Moda precuts called "Turning Leaves" that I sewed together in a sashed 9-patch, then cut into half both ways (Disappearing Nine Patch or D9P). This is only one pack and I think I will need to buy another one next month when I visit Patches and Petals again for the monthly block meeting. Bellezza said it looked like presents. They really do!

Then I finished this "Waffle Time" topper that I started back in October. I stopped working on it when my arm was bothering me. I think I have the start of Carpel Tunnel in my right arm.  But it isn't bothering me as much now. The middle pumpkin on this topper is hand stitched.
 A journal page entry. I received a random gift card from a secret santa coworker. I was told they felt I deserved it because I was always nice and in a cheery mood. The card was so pretty I decided to add it to my art journal. I was able to buy the next expansion pack to my favorite game World of Warcraft. They really out did themselves on that one!
 This was an awesome feast that I made. My last pantry visit gave me PURPLE sweet potatoes and Italian sausages. So I made me some purple sweet potatoes and bangers with beer cooked red onion. OOoooohhhh, it was DIVINE and the potatoes were such a novelty that I took a photo of the finished product.
 The next two photos are gifts I recieved from a couple of my riders. So cute!!! It's been a very long time since I have recieved any gifts for driving the bus. Small towns make all the difference because people think of each other more, I think, than they do in the more densely populated areas. I love this town!

If you do the instagram thing, I have been posting a lot to there.


Until next time...
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  1. For you, being creative isn't what you do, its really who you are. The SAD issue is cyclic and when you get out of it, you really rock. I believe in you!

  2. I also suffer from SAD, and I feel for you...


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