Drumming in the New Year

Drumming in the New Year - 2015

New art journal page arrived in time for the new year. I found the photo of the maker of my favorite bass drum (below) and decided to include the photo as an insert after taking the photo of the page. I do not know if he still lives, probably not because he was getting pretty old when the photo was taken. He was a nice guy and let me buy the drum for $50. A LOT LESS than it could have been sold for. Money well spent. It has a lovely, deep tone to it that carries over the air. I miss being able to drum. The walls here are so thin. The page on the right I made back in June of last year. The facing page was still white so I made it to match. The tree was an ATC I received in a swap sometime last year. It was just a tree stamped and embossed...not something I would put with my traded ATC collection so it got added to the page rather than tossed. It's appropriate enough for this time of year. The "Chinese lanterns" were cut from a Gelli plate page I received in a different swap last year. I want to do an art journal on just the full moons and whatever sign they are in. This month's full moon is in Cancer and I've picked three words to use on this months full moon page: Compassion, Nourish, Protect with a giant heart somewhere on the page. That's the plan, at least....we'll see what happens....

"Crow" maker of my drum

The next image is of a pinterest find that I wanted to try out. You pull out the center of a TP roll and stuff it into an aluminum can, then fill with rubbing alcohol. It works! Yes, yes, calm down. It was burned safely. I do have an inkling of common sense. I posted this to facebook and my friends went crazy! LOL! The idea behind this is that it is an emergency source for heat. It did put off a ton of heat. The flames look intimidating, they aren't. LOL

 I received this card with some washi tapes yesterday. It's so simple!! Why can't I do simple cards?

I made a card last week and recorded the process after I figured out the time lapse setting on my camera. I bought a gorilla tripod off Amazon just for this purpose.

And what a fridged day it was. School canceled because of dangerously cold windchills. I don't know if they will cancel tomorrow but I'm kind of glad they did. At my new employer I wash buses between routes for extra income. During this butt ugly cold spell it's just not possible because it would freeze everything up as most of the buses are stored outside. So instead they ask me to clean the insides and I just hate doing the insides. I end up all achy and hurty. It's a huge trigger for my back pain. I don't have the courage, yet to say something about it. I really enjoy washing them, I dunno what it is about washing a giant bus but it's oddly satisfying...and a great workout that doesn't seem to hurt me as much as trying to get the insides cleaned.
Dispite the cold, I did go out in it. I was on my way to work when they called to tell me school canceled. Couldn't they make this decision sooner in the morning?? I leave before 6am...I kind of have to if I want to warm the engine of the Little Paseo, get coffee and get to work in time to warm up my bus. I wasn't too far into my drive to work so I turned around and went back home. I didn't think I wanted to go back to bed but I ended up doing just that and slept another three hours.

My friend Bellezza sent me a rice bag that you put in the microwave to heat up. It has been so WONDERFUL to have at night. The heating in this apartment is pretty shitty so my bedroom is an icebox in this kind of weather....and an oven in the summer. I warm the rice bag up and stick it under the covers while I get ready for bed (brushing teeth, etc). When I get to bed there is a nice warm patch right where my lower back lays. It helps me warm up rather quickly under the covers, and helps my back to relax, so I tend to fall asleep sooner. It really is a blessing to have this hand-made gift to use!

Cafe window all frosted up

Until next time...
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  1. you ask why you cannot do simple and I ask why I cannot do it at all!!! Your work is brilliant.


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