Making Knitting Needles Part 4-with WIP

Vuela! They are a little longer than I am used to working with, but they do the job nicely!

This is the beginnings of the Crossover Shawl found in Ribbon Styles. I bought most of the yarn through knitpicks.com, and some I found on sale at a local fabric store last summer. I didn't know then what I would make, but it has a purpose now! The camera really does not due the colors justice, and focusing on it was a hurtle! Click photos for larger version. You too, can make your own knitting needles!!

Until next time...


  1. Are these the ones that you made with wooden chopsticks? So cool!

  2. Not chopsticks, dowels! No preshapped tips on those. :) But yes, I did make them.


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