OH BOO! Dyeing flop!

It was fun mixing the colors together...I had such high hopes!

This is what I was shooting for...at least in one segmant of the yarn. Note how the silk took up only the lilac dye, while the wool took up the black cherry color what was made by mixing the lilac and a bit of red. Pretty!!!

The dyepot looked promising. I pour turqoise in the middle, violet-blue up one side, and the cherry-red color at the very end.

But this is what I got. The blue-violet over powered everything else...and my skien is mostly a dark colbolt blue with hints of black cherry here and there. *pout* Not what I was hoping for. The silk ply took up less color than the wool, which gives the whole skien a tweed look, which is interesting.

Next time, I am using this technique. I was turquise, blue-violet, and red-violet in three CLEAR sections and have them all blend and meet in the middle.

Oh well...live and learn!

Until next time...

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