How to: Spinning Silk Hankies-A video

Will be available as soon as youtube processes the file.

Until next time...


  1. Thanks! Do you join in the next hankie as you would a normal join? I'm curious why you don't spin it first then ply? No criticism, just curiosity.

    Thanks again!

  2. Actually because of the nature of silk and it's tendencies to snag onto anything and everything, I just overlap the new silk roving over the end of the last one spun up to the ply. I have spun silk before plying...but this way is a) quicker as all there is to do is stretch,ply, dye, knit (as opposed to stretch, spin, ply, dye, knit...saves oodles of time) and b)more of the fantastic sparkle that silk adds to yarn shows because it has not been reduced in diameter by spinning first-plying later. So I have come to prefer this method. :)


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