Yarn sale at Micheals Crafts, SP10, and other news

I bought twelve balls of Bernat Matrix yarn, Acid Axis and Copper Wire...for $12!!! They are on clearance at my local store on the east side, and when I got there I thought I had missed it all because the shelves were nearly empty. They had a few of some pink color, but I am not a pink fan.

When I asked if they gave rain checks for sale yarns, she said only if they are not on clearance. These were, BUT, they had three more boxes of all the colors!!! Yippiee!!! Let that be a lesson to those out there too shy to ask, if you don't ask, you may just be missing out! I was actually after the blue browser color, until I saw it. It was very dull, and the blues were grey blue. YUCK! So I settled on the green and blue, and copper and red balls. I bought six of each. WHAT A DEAL! I am thinkin I will make a triangle shawl or a rectangle throw out of it on size 15 needles. They have a pattern on the Bernat site for a shawl made from the ladder yarn, but it requires 5 balls! Sheez! The ribbon shawl I am doing at the moment only takes 3 balls!

SP10 will be starting in February! Keep up to date by subscribing to their blog at secretpal10.blogspot.com !

My eyes are really weird. When I went to the eye doctor for a checkup because I was not seeing (or rather reading) clearly, they said that my left eye had upped a click. But then they did not have the correct samples in stock so they gave me one click down for my left, and one click UP for my right. I had been wearing those for almost a month. When I was finally able to purchase a box of contacts for each eye, the left one turned out to be too strong! Arrrrgh. Some days my eyes are fine, other days I feel like I am going blind. Doc says it's probably just that time in my life when things are a little iffy. Yeah, can you say Saturn return?! I will be 29 in March, and Saturn entered my charts early last year. Blah! So when I called and told them that the order for the left eye was too strong, and that I had been wearing one click down and I had put that one back in, I was told that that was my old prescription. Well poop I said. My eyes seem to be really fussy this year (well, last year now). SO maybe my prescription did not change, and it is just a flux. I think the flux is in rhythm to my blood pressure. When I do not exercise at least once during the week, I find it hard to focus clearly. SO I make a point of going for a long walk at least once a week, and I do an AB workout the other days (attempting to reduce my belly).

I lit my Mother Earth candle on New Years eve, and wished for all the things that I wanted, wished that my job stays steady, that I earn lots of cash, that my relationship with the BF continues to flourish, and that I can reconnect with the earth. I stayed up New Years Eve and knitted all night. I finally had to stop about 1 AM because I could not see straight! LMAO! I have been feverishly trying to get that Wing of the Moth shawl down. With every row it gets bigger, and takes longer to complete each row. On top of that I am almost through the last skein of yarn I spun up for it, so I need to work on spinning up some more. No big. I'll just watch a movie while I spin it up. I was thinking that I will have to over dye it with golden yellow to even out the color from all the different skeins. This last one, the alpaca did not dye as well as previously successful dye attempts. I don't really care for the tweed look, not with lace.

Everybody asks me who it is for. ME of course! My first lace knitting, my first shawl, hell no-I won't let it go! HA-ha-ha-ha!! The next one will be for my Mum. She'll love it.

The Mystery Skein swap is on it's way and I have closed the yahoo group to new memberships. I've denied two already. It says right there on the home page, that we are no longer accepting new memberships in big red type because swapping has begun. Do people ever stop and READ that? I had a couple Mongrels (poopie-butts, pain-in-the-asses, party crashers, etc) try to put a damper on the swap, even so far as accuse me of trying to steal peoples information because I do not use my real first name. Well honey, no one is forcing you to play, so you can leave whenever you please because I don't have to use my real name and I will not. Lesson learned the hard way through identity theft. Of which I will never recover from. My credit will always be scared with it. So puck you lady! Go rain on someone else's parade.

I had to boot one person from the group because they were starting shit. No flaming wars allowed! This is supposed to be a FUN thing! Sheez. Butt-wort. Then one person had not entered their information into the database and I missed pairing them up. Even though I said that if your information was not in the database in time you would be SOL, I still offered to pair the person up with a volunteer angel (people who are willing to swap with more than one person). They declined and ask that I go ahead and remove them from the group. Okay, I'm not gonna beg and plead. Out they went.

Some people are just out to find shit where there isn't any. Some people just can't grasp how to have fun. To them I say, thanks, but no thanks. No butt-warts allowed!!!

Until next time...

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