Swappers Blacklists, Blockbuster Rip-off

YEAY! I've got a new helper for the blacklists blog-Flaker Hater....how cute! We've added three new entries in direct relation to the mystery skien swap. A flaker, one with commitment issues, and one with Holier Than Thou Syndrom (HTT). HTT shows itselfs in these symptoms: a swapper who is never happy no matter how much you try to please them, a swapper who tries to tell hostess or others on list how they should act/post on list (eh, excuse me?!), a swapper that has the most lame-ass, childish complaints. I suppose you could compair these symptoms with Troll Syndrom because they are so much alike.

I canceled my Blockbuster online account after the date it renewed and I thought it would be no biggie. I would just use the next month already paid for right? WRONG. Blockbuster is trying to tell me that 15 DAYS before the cancel date (3.10.07) they will stop sending me movies. Ummm the 18.99 I paid is for 30 DAYS subscription, not flippin half of that. They are not answer or clarifying on this and are dodging the question by trying to offer me half of thier subscription prices for 6 months. I don't need them. They SUCK. I had CSI Miami season three in my queue for the entire two week trial and did not get a one of the series but got what I had UNDER those in my queue. So they tell me "if a shipment will take more than 2 business days to ship, it is skipped and the next and nearest available movie is shipped". Okay...so do those movies with a ship time of more than 2 days EVER ship?? They won't answer that one either. My local "total access" store has a lame selection of movies and only has CSI Miami season one. I am on season 4 through netflix. Netflix is faster, thier website loads faster, and they send what is ON TOP in my queue...whether or not it takes more than a couple days or not. If it does, then they tell me it's shipping from a location further away and will take a few days longer. I'm okay with that.

I am not kosher at all with Blockbuster trying to tell me I will only get HALF of the subscription I paid for and then trying to bait me into purchasing another membership plan, and then trying to tell me that they do not offer refunds or partial refunds. I'm sure the BBB will have something to say about that cause that is essentially THEFT. They are fuckin with the wrong consumer...this consumer knows better.

Until next time...


  1. We have been using Netflix for over five years and do not have any complaints. The hell spawn competitor never left us with the warm fuzzies. Stick with Netflix

  2. Hell Spawn Competitor...HA! I like that! I've had Netflix for about three years and never had aproblem either. I figured since we lived right down the street from a "total access" store (I really think they are all total access at this point), that it might be better. WRONG! Never again with Blockbuster! Never again.


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