How do I feel about the Bottle Swap Flop?

Well...I dunno what to think about this bottle swap from the whenever sock group. I've emailed the "bottle swap mom" twice, and I can only seem to get a response from the moderators when I email the groups owner addy. *very big sigh* I've asked if I should consider myself shit out of luck because the send out date was the 18th. I'm disappointed about not getting an answer...and not getting my fair share in the swap. I sent mine out with plenty of time to spare. Grrrr.

I won't be a member for much longer-if only because of the lack of communication. I keep seeing more and more people posting that they have received their swap. I suppose now that I have posted about it, it will come...isn't that it has worked in the past? Yep.

Well I did one hell of a workout this afternoon. Did the dishes, did some laundry, then practiced my karate with 3 LB wieghts in hand. I got to class tonight so to prepare for that...it's time for a nice hot shower to calm those aching back muscles...owe.

Then I need to make those stitch markers for that kind lady that sent me the inkle loom to send along with her finished object and I need to get that out ASAP!!

My B-DAY is TOMMORROW (3.22)!! I'll be 29 and I'll have my fill of free beer at the Nitty Gritty and work out even harder on Friday to take that off. *VBG*

Until next time...

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  1. I can totally relate to this post. I was involved in one of those online swaps about a year or so ago. The person who was supposed to spoil me did a fantastic job, and continues to do so as we both have become great friends. The person I was to spoil, well, she was just interested in the stuff (I assume). I came to this opinion as she was not interested in getting to know ME (funny, I think of these swaps as a means to meet new folks and make new friends with similar interests?). I was very disheartened due to the lack of interest... so I just throw myself into charity stuff I can donate crocheted items to...


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