What a friday!!!

OMFG! What a day Friday was! Everyone I ran into either had an attitude or was just plain grumpy and unsocial.

I wanted to visit the local shoe store down Monona Dr but they did not open for another half hour when I got there, so I went next door to Ben Franklin-an old-old-old craft store. Well after ten minutes of not finding anything of interest, because their selection really sucks, I was just diddle-daddling around to waste time. I had two people ask me if they could help me find something and I told them both I was just browsing. WTF is wrong with that anyways?! So after the store manager asked me and I still said NO, there is nothing you can help me find because I am just browsing...the fucking ass-hole started looking after me like I was gonna steal something!! Peeking around the corners, watching my every god-danged move! If I wanted to steal something, I would not have waiting almost 20 minutes to do so!! DAMN! I got fed up with this peculiar behavior real quick and I had a starring contest with the manager at the end of the isle and me at the other end...looking really pissed off. When he yielded and walked off,

I should have confronted him, but instead I went to the front counter and asked the lady:

"Is that your manager back there?"


"You can tell him I will never consider shopping here again because he is watching after me like I am a thief. Others will hear about this treatment of your customers."

She was visibly shocked and didn't have anything to say to that so I left. The shoe store was open, but they did not have what I was looking for because the all weather durable shoes I want are now considered "seasonal" and are only available in the fall. *scratching head*

So I parked in front of Ben Franklin and I glared at them as I bucked up and started the van (the work van mind you). Thanks so much Ben Franklin for totally profiling me!! Ass-wipes!

I encountered the same shit all day! I went to Farm and Fleet and the cashier was anything but friendly. And the cashier over at Menard's was the exact same way! What was going on in the heavens Friday I wonder?!

But then the BF came home, brought home some cake and ice cream and he took me out for sushi. That ended the day on a high note. I was thinking if he didn't do or bring something for the Bday, he would totally not get anything for his next bday. I always get him cake and ice cream for the bday.

Until next time...


  1. Manager: Can I help you?

    Me: Yes, you can properly stock your store.

    exit store

    [End scene]

    You pegged him right... asswipe!!

  2. LMAO! They never have much of anything good in there and they are so behind on the times. It's like a craft/hardware/grocery store sorta place. I am all for supporting the small local places like this, but not when they treat me like a thief! I did that shit when I was a kid, and I totally remember how they acted when they suspected I was getting sticky fingers. That was when I was 16...I don't expect that sort of treatment the day after my 29th birthday for cryin out loud!! I kinda grew up quick after getting caught and almost landing myself in jail!! *face-palm* Ahhh yes...trials and tribulations of growing up. LMAO

  3. And it's that type of piss poor inventory and mindset which is making places like Michaels or Rag Shop or other big name crafting empires put mom-and-pop shops out of business.


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